MEMORY-"Memory" explores the state of memory within a present moment as a way to time-travel."Memory" is able to exert a degree of control over a present moment and transform one's reality in a dream, the connection between memory and reality formed the base for this collection intricate patterns and sculptured volumes.


The collection reflects repetitive geometric patterns, armour like shoulders and circular details designed to translate the connection between memory and reality.Textiles and  fabric techniques developed  for the collection include individually constructed  fully fashioned knitting patterns which are linked together using cotton cords and monofilament  to create intricate detailing, textures and volumes.


Featured in the “Memory” collection are garments which took over ver 700 hours to be realised, the knitwear patterns found within the "Memory" garment reflects upon different approaches to knitwear generation.Each pattern in the "Memory" garment has been individually engineered using multiple knitwear techniques, combined high-tech monofilament with more traditional yarns and extreme attention to detail and finish.


All garments in the "Memory" collection are throughout hand finished.