EXISTENCE- Inspired by Chris Marker's film and script "La Jetee", “to summon the past and future to the aid of the present”.” Existence” collection explores the perception of existence depending on one’s individual state of being, the nature of  being  remains acknowledged and evident at face value whiles the state of being is distorted.


The concept challenges the relationship between the body and the elements surrounding its form, exploring elements such as uncharted worlds, the idea of lightness, darkens, shadow, nature and resilience form the basis upon which the development of  the textiles and garment construction evolved.


The contrast between darkens and light is reflected in the 'Exsitence' garment through the use of volumes, overlapping patterns, triangle and spiral patterns and transparent insertions. The concept has allowed an exploratory approach in regards to the use of fabrics and textiles.


Featured in the “Existence” collection are garments which took over ver 700 hours to be realised, the knitwear patterns found within the "Existence" garment reflects upon different approaches to knitwear generation.Each pattern in the "Existence" garment has been individually engineered using multiple knitwear techniques, combined high-tech monofilament with more traditional yarns and extreme attention to detail and finish. The throughout use of made to measure patterns has allowed for the concepts to be iteratively developed.


All garments in the Existence collection are throughout hand finished.