TIME-TRAVEL- inspired by Chris Marker "La Jetee", “to summon the past and future to the aid of the present”. “La jetee” by Chris Marker tells the story of a past, present and future, “La Jetee” let’s the viewer manufacture his own judgements, his own memories and understandings, ”La Jetee” permits anything, whatsoever, of the future to be present, of the past to be present, at any moment past or present.

Chris Market’s “La Jetee” has been explored through three projects: Time travel, Memory and Existence. 

“Time travel” sits at the core of the project. “Time travel” explores, defines and refines  the design and technical aspects of the project, “Time-travel” sets the direction of the further projects, Memory and Existence.


TIME-TRAVEL-"Time-travel" challenges the relationship between the materiality of being and the elements surrounding its form. Time travel explores the structure in both the physical and intangible worlds creating shapes and patterns which extract the transition of negative and positive spaces.


Patterns are build using a combination of yarns which allows the development of both the textiles and garment structure to challenge the stance of the physical.


All garments in the "Time-travel" collection are throughout hand finished.